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Anniversary Dinner at Melisse

June 1, 2010

I didn’t intend to write restaurant reviews but my recent dining experience at Melisse was so out of this world that it deserves a little shout out on this blog. What you are about to read is not a course-by-course review necessarily… it will not go into detail of the ambiance… I will not talk about the entire wine list… but simply a note of thanks for making our dinner wonderfully exceptional.

Anniversary Table

Arrived at the dinner table with a box of chocolate truffles and amuse bouche of grapes with goat cheese done two ways

My husband and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary two weeks ago. When we celebrate anniversaries and birthdays, we don’t give each other gifts, rather, we celebrate by splurging on dinner at some of the best restaurants in Los Angeles/Orange County. On our first anniversary, we went to Napa Rose at the Grand Californian Hotel in Disneyland. On our second anniversary, we dined at Patina. Last year, we satisfied our gastronomy cravings at Providence. All amazing restaurants in three anniversaries. We wanted to continue the trend of Michelin-star restaurants so we unanimously decided to go to Melisse in Santa Monica.

Our meal was inexplicably and exquisitely delectable. We had the Carte Blanche menu – all 14 courses in its full glory – plus complementary amuse bouche in the beginning of our meal and petit fours, if the three dessert courses weren’t enough to satisfy a sweet tooth. Everything was so luscious in the mouth and each plate was injected with so much flavor, from the cashew foam on Chef Josiah Citrin‘s fennel flan to the jus de truffe on the squab. My taste buds were enveloped with ambrosial ingredients and flavor combinations.

If the food was amazing, service was even high-class. Our sommelier spent a good 15 minutes with us and let us try their best wines of the night. Our fromage course was exceptional and our server offered us a sheep’s milk cheese to try on top of the cheeses we’ve already picked. All in all, our most expensive anniversary dinner to date ($$$$$$ – that’s six dollar signs right there) was worth every penny. Just imagine a well-served dinner from 7 pm to midnight… who wouldn’t be stoned-happy after eating and drinking for five hours? And the best part? Chef Josiah went to the dining room and talked to each guest. When he walked to our table, the first words in his mouth were “Happy Anniversary.” We melted.

Here are some pictures of the dishes on the Carte Blanche menu. I was so into the meal that I did not get the opportunity to take pictures of all sixteen plates. I highly recommend doing the tasting menu on your visit to Melisse, especially if it’s your first time. If the Carte Blanche is too expensive, go for the four-course tasting menu and add some ala carte items. Or you can do the ten-course tasting menu if you are up to a gastro roller coaster ride but don’t want to spend as much for the Carte Blanche (pair each course with wine if you have the space in your stomach).


Fennel Flan with Orange Gelée and Cashew Foam


American Osetra Caviar with Lemon Crème Fraîche


Foie Gras Trio


Japanese Red Mutsu with Curry Emulsion


Fromage Course


Chocolate Soufflé, Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch, Coffee and Mascarpone


The Carte Blanche Menu

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  1. June 3, 2010 9:01 pm

    wow what such an exquisite dinner… with $$$$$$ price tag, it must be uber out of this world… great way to celebrate your wedding anniversary… our 22nd anniversary is in 2 weeks… hmmm i should let hubs read this post.. to give him (wink wink) a hint!

    Happy A!

    • June 3, 2010 10:27 pm

      It was crazy out of this world GOOD. Wow, 22nd anniversary for you? Congrats! That’s a big feat… and in 3 years it will be your 25th. That’s amazing and rare nowadays.

      Cheers back to you Malou!

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