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Ham and Gruyère Thumbprints

April 8, 2012

Ham and Gruyere Thumbprints

A short post today friends. I have a few pretty exciting things currently unfolding in my life and I couldn’t be more happier. First, my folks are transitioning into a beautiful new home we are all really thrilled for them. Second, my 6th wedding anniversary is fast approaching and Bearik and I have already been debating discussing which restaurant to go to. Third, I have a handful of friends who recently got engaged and that means we have plenty of weddings to attend (YAY, I love weddings). Fourth, I found a new advertising gig closer to home with great growth opportunities and wonderful people.

Then talk about today’s Easter fun with the family… great food, great conversations, games plus egg-hunting with little ones, and uplifting time at church. I am utterly blessed.

I’ll let you get back to the rest of your Easter celebration so I’ll close by sharing this insanely easy Ham and Gruyère Thumbprints recipe from Martha Stewart. This recipe is available online and was also published in Martha Stewart Living Cookbook: The New Classics and a previous issue of Martha Stewart Living Holiday magazine.

Ham and Gruyere Thumbprints

The recipe uses a pâte à choux base. Pâte à choux is the dough used for making cream puffs, éclairs, and gougères . These thumbprints are actually very similar to making gougères – a savory dough with cheese and herbs – wherein you incorporate minced black forest ham and shredded Gruyère cheese into the dough.

These are great cocktail party appetizers or as an after-school snack for kiddies. Who doesn’t like ham and cheese, right? This is definitely something both the grown-ups and kids can equally enjoy.

Here is the recipe for Ham and Gruyère Thumbprints on

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