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Key Lime Tart

October 4, 2012

Key Lime Tart

Summer is officially over but the temperature here in Southern California is still a sizzling 81°F. We are seeing a cooling trend later in the week (finally) but the past few weeks felt like Hell on Earth with scorching heat too unbearable to even open my mouth to complain about.

With this crazy weather, continuing to make summer-inspired treats remains totally acceptable post-September. We live in sunny LA after all. My go-to summer dessert each year is a Key Lime Tart. It’s absolutely delicious and hella easy to make. I don’t screw around with my Key Lime Tart from a flavor standpoint. Although I do welcome a nice change once in a while… like a white chocolate-coated graham cracker crust, adding lemon zest or grapefruit zest to the custard, or using pâte sucrée as substitute crust. But at the end of the day, I still prefer the classic Key Lime Tart recipe of crispy, sweet, and buttery graham cracker crust (sans any coating) and good ol’ tart Key Lime custard. Top it off with some whipped cream and I am ready to die and meet my maker.

Key Lime Tart

If you dig the classic like I do, Baking Illustrated’s Key Lime Tart recipe is fool-proof. I have tried no-bake or icebox Key Lime Tart recipes in the past… but I have to say it’s not my fave. That’s personal point of view but you can certainly try it and see if you like the texture. With this crazy hot weather lately, I am sure I will have a deeper appreciation of the icebox version had I tried it.

Key Lime Tart

Don’t have Baking Illustrated in your baking book arsenal? Get it here.

By the way, I cannot wait for fall baking! Once I see Starbucks bring out their red cups, it’s my signal to start freezing pie dough for Thanksgiving! But before that, hope you get to make this tangy Key Lime Tart as your last “hot-as-balls” Indian summer hurrah. Pardon my language, but it’s been way too hot for way too long already.

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