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Roasted Apple Tart

February 8, 2013

We all make something out of apples at least twice once every fall/winter baking season. I don’t know about you but apples to me are not that exciting. I don’t eat apples on a daily or even weekly basis. I only eat them when they are already pre-sliced. Skin on is okay but it has to be pre-sliced in perfect wedges for me to eat one. Caramel dip on the side also highly preferred. I don’t know why I have such high apple-eating requirements. It’s not my favorite fruit on earth but roast those babies and my snobbish opinions about apples get kicked to the wayside.

Roasted Apple Tart

Something about caramelized edges and the fragrant aroma. It seduces me. How can a measly little apple turn you on in its cooked and sometimes mushy form? Perhaps the little sugar scrub you give the apples prior to roasting gets them happy? Maybe the squeeze of lemon juice brings out its greatness? Or maybe when you sprinkle a pinch of salt the naughty bruised ones get wild in the oven? Oh these tricky little apples… they sure have a crazy side that even the non-fanatics can be converted to temporary groupies at least for one night.

Granny Smith Apples

Cooked apples other than roasted take my breath away too. Like baked apples adorned with cookie crumbles are simply satisfying; applesauce folded into your favorite spiced cake batter is utterly divine; cinnamon-y apple turnovers for breakfast is like, the best thing ever, duh; and apple pie à la mode will always be a great 3am-end-of-an-epic-Saturday-night treat.

You’re turned on aren’t you? It’s a cold, staying-in kind of weekend anyway (rainy for west coasters, blizzard for east coasters… yikes, be safe everyone). So I suggest to make this Roasted Apple Tart if you have a bowl of apples sitting in your countertop. If not, and it’s too unsafe to go out at your nearest grocery store due to severe weather, perhaps next weekend?

Roasted Apple Tart recipe is from Martha Stewart’s Pies & Tarts. In the book, the tarts are made in 4-inch bottomless tart rings. I made mine using a rectangular tart pan. I think it looks pretty the way I made it. #justsaying

Pate Brisee

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